Christianity and Secularism

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Christianity and Secularism is the second volume in the Consider Christianity series, written by Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. It focuses on the evidences for the Christian faith and the conflict between Christianity and secularism. Hushbeck believes that there is good evidence on which to base a belief in Jesus and in the basic doctrines of Christianity. He also believes it is important for Christians to understand their faith and to be prepared to defend it.

Chapter titles are:

  • The Secularization of Society
  • A Rose by any Other Name
  • Is That All There Is, Christianity
  • The Church
  • Who Do You Say I Am
  • Resurrection or Passover Plot
  • Is Christianity Relevant.

Pastors, Sunday School teachers, Christian education directors and youth leaders will not want to miss this book. (Note: This is a new, slightly corrected edition of ISBN 1-893729-30-3, and is compatible with that volume in terms of content and pagination. It may be used with the study guide to that volume, ISBN 1-893729-33-8.)

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