Evidence for the Bible

Evidence for the Bible is the first in the Consider Christianity series, written by Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. It discusses the evidence for the inspiration and reliability of the Bible, and deals with objections.

It is clear and forceful, but also invites dialogue on this key issue of the Christian faith.

Chapter titles are:

  1. How Did We Get the Bible
  2. The Bible and Modern Criticism
  3. Archeology and the Bible
  4. Science vs. Religion
  5. Science and the Bible
  6. Is the Bible Reliable
  7. The Word of God or the Speculations of Men

Pastors, Sunday School teachers, Christian education directors and youth leaders will not want to miss this book.

(Note: This is a new, slightly corrected edition of ISBN 1-893729-29-X, and is compatible with that volume in terms of content and pagination. It may be used with the study guide to that volume, ISBN 1-893729-32-X.)

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